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This page is intended to enlighten you upon how Flux was created and who made the beautiful creation possible.


Flux was created in Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Professional Edition. DirectX 6.0 extensions were implemented in order to achieve the level of quality and speed that were required by the complex animations and visual effects featured in Flux.


The outstanding contributions of the following artists made the Flux Soundtrack possible:

Nightbeat (email - page)

Nobuyuki Izuki (email - page)

Fernando Pereira Aratti (email - page)

DJ BaBs (Bas van Beek) (email - page)

Vermilion X (email - page )

Rapture (email - page - page)

Awesome (email - page)

Reptile (email - page) & Sky (email - page)

S-Trance (email - page)

DreaMSection (email - page)

Flux implements MIDAS, an excellent digital audio system that supports complex music controls as well as high-quality playback.


All of the pieces in Flux were rendered using Persistance of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray) 3.1, a tremendously powerful freeware ray-tracer which you can find more information about here.

All other artwork was created using the undisputed champion of image editors, Adobe Photoshop.

Steve King donated a few of his fine textures to our task, you can see more of his work at Digital Fusion.

FreeTextures provided us with a lovely addition to our library of backgrounds.


Jay Wheeler
Lead Programmer
Lead Graphic Design


Joshua Kaelin
Assistant Developer



















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