Quick Start Challenge

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This section of help is intended to get you playing Flux in a matter of minutes.  However, it is strongly suggested that you review the other topics covered in help as well.

Player Login


After choosing to play Challenge Mode, you are presented with the player login screen. 

If you have played before, you will find your name in the drop-down box.  Upon selection of your name the caption above the box will change to reflect your progress through the levels.

If you need to set up a new player, click the Add button.  A new box will appear where you can type in your name.  Click the OK button to add the new name or the Cancel button to abort the addition.

When the desired name is selected, press the OK button at the bottom of your screen to continue to Game Options.

Game Options


The nature of Challenge Mode is to put every Flux player in the world on equal ground and therefore there are no options available that affect gameplay.

Other Options


These options only change the visual representation of puzzles and have no bearing on puzzle creation or gameplay.

Piece Set

Use the arrows to cycle through available piece sets.   Choose Random to have a piece set selected for you.


Use the arrows to cycle through available backgrounds which will scroll behind the puzzle during gameplay.  Choose Random to have a background selected for you.  Choose None to play with a static black background.


















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