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In Classic Mode, your challenge as a player of Flux is to achieve the highest possible score. You will be competing with yourself and your friends on your computer as well as the entire Flux-playing world on the Internet. Therefore you will want to know exactly how to get a high score and that is what this section of Help will teach you.

The Chain Rule


Destroying massive chains actually has a benefit besides the booming explosions.  The larger the chain that is destroyed, the more points are added to your score.  Adding just a few more pieces to a chain will drastically increase your score as shown in the following table for a puzzle with two varieties:

Chain Size

Points Awarded

2 125
3 500
4 1125
5 2000

The above table should convince you to keep hunting for more and more pieces to add to your chains.  And the explosions don't hurt, either.

Flawless Victory


If you clear a puzzle you are awarded a Flawless Victory Bonus.  Your score will be multiplied by the number of varieties in the puzzle.

Your Mission


Successfully combining the above two skills will put you well on your way to becoming one of the top Flux players.

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