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The Uplink is one of the most exciting features of Flux, allowing you to compete with players from all over the world.

After playing Flux a few times you will start to feel confident and your scores will start to climb. You significantly improve upon your first few scores. You want to show these scores off, proclaiming to the world that you are a true mastermind. So you fire up the Uplink, choose the score that makes you the most proud and click the "Add Score" button. And in a matter of moments, you are presented with a screen that informs you that your scores are not impressive enough to be submitted at the present time.

What?!? It can't be! There must be some kind of mistake. That score of yours was amazing, how could it not even be in the top 10? So you click on the "View Scores" button and you are presented with all of the scores that did make the cut. You scroll down to the puzzle you were playing and look at the scores. Whoa! These scores seem impossible! The 1st place score is over four times that of yours! You scroll down a bit more to see what it would take to even make the chart. Ahh... 10th place... this is better. You are only a few thousand points off that score.

So you go back into Flux, now armed with a goal in your mind. You play a few more levels, and yes! you are greeted with a score that easily takes over 10th place. You jump out of Flux, go to the Uplink, submit that score and hallelujiah! you made 7th! Now the world will take notice, they will see that you are on the rise. Conquering 1st place is only a matter of time.

Such is the Uplink. You will go head-to-head with some of the best puzzle minds in the world. Even the creators of the game will be competing against you. With such great rivals, it can get a little intimidating at times. But there's nothing like telling your friend to check out the high score tables after you've just bumped her down a spot - however, chances are that she's already seen the outcome and is playing Flux, determined to repay you the favor.


















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